Badna Naaref
 Badna Naaref (We Want to Know) is a call for dialogue about the country’s wartime experiences among different generations of people who live in Lebanon. Yet it is by no means just an invitation to engage in political diatribe. Instead, this website is a resource: it offers an explanation of this pilot project, an overview of the training sessions conducted with the students and instructors involved, a general profile of the participating schools and individuals, and summaries of interviews conducted by student participants. It also extends an invitation to visitors to use the information gathered for a variety of purposes. For instance, the material can be used to assist educators and activists interested in exploring alternative methods of conflict transformation. As well, it offers complete access to many of the testimonies—in their original form—for those interested in this information from a scientific, educational and even artistic perspective. In short, it is a compact website that appeals to a broad range of potential visitors; thus, it is addressed “to those who are concerned.”

"We stayed home and staying home meant that we needed to address the problem of the snipers. From Ain el Rummaneh, the Christians would shoot at us. We would get shot at by the Christians. When I was home, I would turn the lights off and stay in the dark. We would put black curtains so that they wouldn’t see the lights, because they started shooting at anyone, Sunni, Shiite, whatever, whomever, what mattered was that the sniper would get someone… at that point, we had to leave the house."
"The image that I keep in mind is extremely painful, and it’s about all those people who left their homes and never returned. Why? No one knows. People who were abducted and they were innocent."
"For example, I would say, why are these fighting us, they’re Lebanese, and so are we, and why are we fighting them. They’d put it in your head that a person, if he’s Christian, not from your religion, was going to kill you"
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