Badna Naaref
 Badna Naaref (We Want to Know) is a call for dialogue about the country’s wartime experiences among different generations of people who live in Lebanon. Yet it is by no means just an invitation to engage in political diatribe. Instead, this website is a resource: it offers an explanation of this pilot project, an overview of the training sessions conducted with the students and instructors involved, a general profile of the participating schools and individuals, and summaries of interviews conducted by student participants. It also extends an invitation to visitors to use the information gathered for a variety of purposes. For instance, the material can be used to assist educators and activists interested in exploring alternative methods of conflict transformation. As well, it offers complete access to many of the testimonies—in their original form—for those interested in this information from a scientific, educational and even artistic perspective. In short, it is a compact website that appeals to a broad range of potential visitors; thus, it is addressed “to those who are concerned.”

“We always had to flee from one place to the next, without necessarily knowing where we would spend the night, my mother always had a suitcase ready, with alcohol for hygiene, a set of clothes change, pajamas, medicine, our passports, etc., and especially drinking water.”
War meant being fearful of meeting the other: “When the war ended, the borders opened up. We as Lebanese were fearful of meeting “the other side,” I suppose there was a lot of hatred. It’s a pity that I myself was living on one side and didn’t know anything about the other side, I didn’t know the people, the places. I was not even sure I could go there. And this goes as well for the other side. They didn’t know our area, and later on when they came here, it was as if they were tourists in their own country.”
"Every one turned out to be a loser. This is my conclusion and anyone who talks about war and about civil war, I pity them because they don’t know, they did not experience it, and if they ever did, they would never want this country to go through it again. It was really terrible.”
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