Badna Naaref
 Badna Naaref (We Want to Know) is a call for dialogue about the country’s wartime experiences among different generations of people who live in Lebanon. Yet it is by no means just an invitation to engage in political diatribe. Instead, this website is a resource: it offers an explanation of this pilot project, an overview of the training sessions conducted with the students and instructors involved, a general profile of the participating schools and individuals, and summaries of interviews conducted by student participants. It also extends an invitation to visitors to use the information gathered for a variety of purposes. For instance, the material can be used to assist educators and activists interested in exploring alternative methods of conflict transformation. As well, it offers complete access to many of the testimonies—in their original form—for those interested in this information from a scientific, educational and even artistic perspective. In short, it is a compact website that appeals to a broad range of potential visitors; thus, it is addressed “to those who are concerned.”

"Because the Armenians were allowed to come and go, they worked… they were accepted by all the warring parties in Lebanon, they were the only ones who were able to go from one place to another easily. My neighbor was Armenian; I went and came back with him to get gas."
“Because, if you stay locked up at home, you don’t want to do anything anymore, because you’re afraid, that’s another kind of death and I’m not sure whether it’s better or worse […] how did we find that kind of courage? […] where did this endurance come from? […] Where did this resistance come from? […] How did we manage to overcome it all?”
"When you carry a weapon and head to the front, that means that you want to try and stay alive. If your enemy is facing you, you either kill him or get killed. It was dangerous. We used to think of our parents, of our children; I know it wasn’t easy, I can’t tell you what we felt. Times when we forgot ourselves, forgot what we did, forgot our parents, forgot… in other words, when one is at the front, you forget everything else and only have yourself to think of."
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